About Tito & Co.

Founded by Linda Klein

The reason I started Tito & Co. was to develop natural skin care products that actually do what they are intended to do. It is overwhelming the amount of skin care products available and what is troubling, is the ingredients in most of them.

Not only was Tito & Co. founded for my passion in making skin care products with natural ingredients, but to give back. I have always been an advocate for animal safety & welfare, I just felt that I could do more to help animals. It is through Tito & Co. that this is possible as from every purchase, a portion is donated to the Aminal Rescue Organizations in Roatan..

Tito & Co. is named after one of three kittens that we rescued in Roatan, namely Tito, Pequeña (RIP) & Strañga. Since the formation of Tito & Co., we have grown significantly - at presnt time, our current Fur Baby Count includes:

Tito, Strañga, Bailey, Tiggie, Krispie, Coco, Batman, Chanter, Toby (RIP), Niña, Murphy, Mismo & No Sé.  

Meet Tito

Tito Now

All products are Handmade in Roatan, Honduras, using natural ingredients. Before a product is ready to sell, I personally test each one. Even loofah used, is grown in my garden.

To find out more about how your purchases help give animals a second chance in life, click here